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History of Tamarai

Saree, has been an integral part of women’s wardrobe across South Asia for ages now. This oldest form of unstitched attire which is draped around the body, has grown more glamorous and desirable over the years.

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About Us

Tamarai means “Lotus” in Tamil, a classical language spoken in Southern part of India. Lotus denotes the divine beauty, perfection and purity. Distinct and different from all other types of flowers, it has a divine aura to its appeal. This is very much eligible in every way to be termed the queen of flowers, this particular bloom is superior in appearance and quality to many others.

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Life-fulfilling work is never always about the money. It’s about feeling the true passion for something and instinctively finding ways to nurture it. That’s something what the women of today should strive towards achieving. At a recently organised campaign shoot three brilliant and creative minds along with Mysore’s most trusted jewellers came together to capture the true essence of craftsmanship.

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An artist with a purpose, that what she calls herself. Meet Preeti Shanbhag, a passionate painter and selfless businesswoman.
Brought up in the bustling city of Mumbai, Preeti has always fancied the gorgeous Indian drapes. Her earliest memory of a sarees was watching her grandmother drape the 9 yards and her mother the 6 yards. And that’s how her love story with sarees began. During her teenage years, Preeti loved experimenting with the 6 yards and believed that the saree is the most elegant attire.

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